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Payment Process: What Is an Interac Email Money Request?
Payment Process: What Is an Interac Email Money Request?
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In our efforts to streamline your consumer experience, we have partnered with Blitz Payment Solutions for a fast, convenient and secure checkout experience. This means you now have the option to pay by Interac immediately at checkout without leaving the site!

Once you checkout, a “Request for Payment” will pop up at the top of your screen.

From here, you simply...

1.) Click on the “Pay Now” button

2.) Sign in to your bank straight on the site from the Interac pop-up window as you would before sending any other email money transfer

3.) Choose the account from which you would like the funds to be withdrawn and confirm the request for payment.

IMPORTANT: Please do not add any additional information to the memo portion of your payment. Your payment will automatically sync to your order.

Once you confirm, you will see a message stating Payment Complete! Your order's status will change to “Processing” to confirm we’ve received your payment and have begun processing your order.

If you accidentally exit the page before finalizing your payment, you can return to your Account > Orders, and you will see the pending order on hold. Simply click on it again, and the request for payment will pop up, and you can complete the transaction.

If the request for payment is not approved within 24 hours, your order will be automatically cancelled, and you will need to begin the checkout process again.

If your order status is still On Hold, we have not received your payment, and your order has yet to be processed.

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