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What Is Your Shipping Timeline?
What Is Your Shipping Timeline?
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After placing an order with MMJ, your payment may take up to 40 minutes to be received on our end. When you send an e-Transfer or complete an Interac Money Request, Interac may hold your funds, so your payment may show as "pending" in your online banking until it has been cleared.

Once your payment has been deposited, Interac will send you an email or text message confirming the deposit and your order status will change to "Processing".


Once your order has been shipped and scanned in with Canada Post, your order status will update to 'completed'. Orders will be shipped within 1 - 2 business days of being processed from one of our nationwide chains of warehouses.

*Please note: Your order may encounter delivery service interruptions from Canada Post after being shipped. Read More


Same-day delivery is now available in the Greater Vancouver Area and Greater Hamilton & Burlington Region.


We also offer Next-Day delivery to the Etobicoke, Mississauga & Toronto areas.

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